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This is yet another late post and I don’t know whether to blame having so little free time or the fact that I have a new bullet journal that I’m obsessing over. When I do eventually have some time to myself I’m doing that.

I have another eventful month coming up with a trip home for a week and my engagement party / huge family get together. Due to this I fear that a weeks worth of reading time is probably going to be taken from me. This does depend on the plans my family make around my visit. I am selfishly hoping that there will be a couple of days where I can veg on my mum’s sofa with the dog and do nothing but read. I’m not going to lie, my mum’s dog is like a tornado and being alone in the house to read with the terror will inevitably result in no reading time. It’s most likely going to leave me with a half eaten book.

Due to the visit home I have purposely made my TBR small this month. This just means that if I do get some extra reading time in throughout October I can pick a few books out of my TBR jar.

So the three books I will read this month are:

Shadow of Night – Deborah Harkness.

Image result for shadow of night

I started this book at the end of September and I mean the end. I think I managed to pick it up on the last day of the month. I intend to get this finished at some point this week.

The Book of Life – Deborah Harkness

Image result for the book of life book
The third book in the All Souls series is the second book I intend to complete this month.


His True Queen – Jodi Ellen Malpas

Image result for his true queen

I read the first instalment of this duology last month and I do intend to complete the series as soon as possible.

As I said it’s a short list this month.

It just feels so empty.

There is a fourth book by Debora Harkness called Times Covert which I have avoided looking into in case there are spoilers of the series around. As far as I am aware it is a follow on from the All Souls series. Depending on how the series turns out and if I am still in the mood for the story this may also be added into my October TBR.

Additionally, as I stated above my ever-growing TBR jar really does need some attention. Once I have completed the books above I will be selecting my next reads at random. Hopefully, if I start using the TBR jar to chose my next reads I will have more space on my TBR shelves by Christmas.

What is on your TBR this month?

Lucy xx

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Image result for a court of frost and starlightBook: A Court of Frost and Starlight
 Sarah J Maas
Genre: YA 
Release Date:  1 May 2018
Pages: 250(ish)

My Rating:  2 Stars 


Feyre, Rhys, and their close-knit circle of friends are still busy rebuilding the Night Court and the vastly-changed world beyond. But Winter Solstice is finally near, and with it, a hard-earned reprieve.

Yet even the festive atmosphere can’t keep the shadows of the past from looming. As Feyre navigates her first Winter Solstice as High Lady, she finds that those dearest to her have more wounds than she anticipated–scars that will have far-reaching impact on the future of their Court.


So, it’s time for me to actually write down my thoughts on Sarah J Maas’ A Court of Frost and Starlight. People seem to be loving this book and honestly, I just don’t get it. The last thing I want to do is offend someone who really enjoyed this book but each to their own. I was so disappointed with this book. There were so many problems with it and absolutely nothing happened.

I was expecting so much more from this story. Maybe it’s because I have so much love for the series. From what I understood going into this story, it was a bridge between the old series and the upcoming new release. I thought everything would have been tied up and closed neatly in preparation for the next instalment. In my opinion this did not happen, and I am left feeling a little sad that Sarah’s writing for the first time has made me feel blah. I don’t even know what to call this mood that I am in.

At the end of A Court of Wings and Ruin I was a little sad that Feyre and Rysand’s story had come to an end. After learning this novella was being released I was a little excited because I’d be getting a bit more from the two of them. Never in a million years did it cross my mind that it would get to the point where I am over them and their relationship. I think this book just took it too far.

I know this book is focusing on the end of the war and how the group are moving on with their lives and coping with the aftermath of everything but there are things that I’m really struggling to appreciate. Feyre’s ongoing battle with having nothing to having everything got tiresome.  Additionally, Rysand’s constant I’m horny attitude got on my nerves real quick. I’m all for a little smut but I didn’t expect so much of it in a YA book. The worst thing is that it was cringeworthy and badly written. Especially in the later chapters. There was too much of and it was not needed. Image result for gag gif

“Do you want to begin at the wall, or finish there?”

NO!!!!!!!!!!! In  a YA book I think things should be left to the imagination. Especially if it’s badly written.

A part of the book that I hated involved Amren. Out of all the things we could have learnt about Amren from her past or currently life experiences Maas focused on her toilet habits. Since when has this been an interesting topic for anyone to discuss with their friends? Just no. That was a moment that could have easily been avoided.

Then there is Tamiln. Yes he’s the villain. He did some horrible stuff throughout the other books and everyone hates him. We get it. He’s lost everything. He’s alone and he’s clearly suffering. There was definitely no need for Rhysand to behave like he did.  I feel like this was taken way too far. Rhysand’s behaviour was just ridiculous. there was no need for the gloating and the ongoing ‘I want to kill him’ attitude. I think it is time that Tamlin is forgotten about and just left alone. The story can continue quite easily without him.

The fact that Maas included so many different perspectives in such a short book was great. I was so pleased to find out that we would be able experience the thought process of other characters.  Like Cassian and Mor. However, this was ruined with the first person and third person switch over. I don’t understand how it was okay for Feyre and Rhysand’s point of views to be written in a first-person narrative, but all the other characters getting a third person narrative. I just feel that the book would have flowed so much better if everything was the same. It doesn’t even matter which one. As long as it was the same the entire way through.

I feel like this book was pointless. The only positive thing to come out of this book was the teaser for the next instalment. After reading this book I’m actually relieved that Feyre and Rhysand’s story is over. I don’t think I can take any more of their relationship and point of view(s). We get it. They’re mates. They’re supposed to be together forever. It’s so shitty that a short novella can ruin two characters that you used to love. Can we just pretend that I never read this so that they can just stay great?

I can’t lie. It’s about time something new came out that focused on the side characters. I will absolutely be reading the next instalment(s). I just hope that it isn’t as forced and pointless as A Court of Frost and Starlight is.

The only reason this book got two stars was for the teaser at the end of the book. My fingers are crossed that the next book is an improvement.


Was anyone else as disappointed with this book as me?



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20 Facts about Me!


  1. My name is Lucy
  2. I am 26 years old
  3. I was born in Sheffield and moved to the North-East for university when I was 18 years old.
  4. I have a pet cat called Thea. I love her. She hates me. A normal evil cat and owner relationship right there.
  5. I have graduated university 3 times with the following qualifications:
    – BA Honours degrees in English Language and Literature
    – Masters in English Studies
    – PGCE teacher training
  6. Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’urbervilles is my favourite book.
  7. I have a sister called Lily. She is two years younger than me and lives near Manchester.
  8. I don’t drink enough water (although I am on a mad mission to change this).
  9. I love chicken nuggets with Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce!
  10. My favourite City in the world is New York.
  11. I am allergic to the Sun. Something about the UV and heat combined. It has taken approximately 6 different doctors to confirm this with me.
  12. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers.
  13. Friends is my all time favourite TV show. I can quote them all and it still makes me laugh.
  14. I have been with my Boyfriend for 4 and a half years and we own a house together.
  15. My favourite colour is grey.
  16. I threw a tantrum at my Christening when I was a toddler after I saw my sister get water poured over her head. I didn’t want anyone wetting my head so I broke down.  At the age of 3 this is my first memory and I remember my Auntie giving me mint sweets to shut up.
  17. Greece is one of my favourite countries to visit. The culture, the food, the history…I could go on. I just love it all.
  18. I cry at everything. EVERYTHING. From books to tv documentaries. I cried at the new Jumanji last night.
  19. A perfect night in for me is an hour long bubble bath with candles, an alcoholic drink and a good book.
  20. Camping in the summer is one of my favourite things to do. Nothing better than a night by a campfire with friends, booze and BBQ food.



In hindsight I thought this would be fun to write. It was to an extent. It just made me  realised just how boring my life is but there are 20 facts about me.


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Lucy xx


How many books are you planning to read in 2018?

I really wanted to aim for 100 books in 2018. However, I really don’t want to push myself this year.  In the later months of the year I tend to push myself to read so I can reach my goal of 100 and it stresses me out. I then tend to read without any connection to the book and its characters. My concentration dwindles then I’m just reading words. Usually this means I have to reread chapters and it ends up being even more time consuming and I get nowhere. So I’ve decided to set my target between 80-100. This gives me leeway and If I don’t manage 100 by the end of the year it’s not the end of the world and there is definitely no need to stress.

Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this year but want to make priority in 2018. 

1 – Wayfarer, Alexandra Braken
I read Passenger last year and fell in love with the time travelling tale. I did intend to read Wayfarer upon its release and it has been in a number of by TBRs throughout the year. When it got to reading this book either I haven’t been in the mood for it or other books have been priority. I will read this book in 2018.

2 – The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas
I still can’t believe I haven’t read this book yet. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about it and I cannot wait to pick it up in the new year. It is on my TBR bookshelf ready and waiting.

3 – The Wrath and the Dawn, Renée Ahhdieh

I think that this book was originally published in 2015 so it’s not a new release. My friend recently read this and the sequel ‘The Rose and the Dagger’. She loved them both and recommend them to me when we were ranting about reading slumps.  I also have ‘The Wrath and the Dawn’ on my TBR shelf ready to be picked up.

4 – A Darker Shade of Magic, V. E. Schwab
Yet another series that I have been meaning to read for so very long and have not yet got to. I’ve been told it’s the perfect series to read to pull myself out of one of my many reading slumps. I was in Waterstones several months ago complaining to a member of staff that I was stuck in a rut and did not know what to read. She persuaded me to buy the first book in the series but as usual I picked up other books instead. I have not decided if I  want to read it in January, or wait until a new slump takes over so I have something to pull me back out of it.

5 – My Lady Jane, Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows
Another book that I have heard nothing but good things about. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to pick it up.  It’s been in my to buy list fo so long and I am excited to get to this in the new year before ‘My Plain Jane’ is released.

What genre do you want to read more of?

There are two genres I would like to read more of in 2018.

Historical Fiction
If I’m not in a ‘book crazy’ mood (term created by my boyfriend to describe me on a daily basis) I’m usually obsessing over something history related. Whether it’s real life documentaries or television series’ that are set in a period of history it is probably going to gain all of my attention. Especially anything pre 1940s. Yes I know that the TV shows may not be historically accurate but they’re so entertaining and by the end of the series you can guarantee I’m on a research mission. I am really hoping to pick up more historical fiction throughout 2018.

I love reading an enthralling fantasy series, especially in the winter months. There is something magical when you read a good fantasy book on a cold winter day. Curled up on the sofa with a cuppa and a warm blanket. I don’t select many myself as I don’t have the confidence to choose them. If that even makes sense. I just seem to have trouble finding something that actually grabs my attention. I usually wait for a recommendation from friends or search through blogs and youtube for reviews. This is a genre I would love to read more of in 2018.

Name 3 non book related goals for 2018. 

1 – Stop stressing
I stress over EVERYTHING! Stress then causes anxiety and then I work myself up and stress even more. It’s a vicious cycle that I live through on a daily basis. I know it’s not really a goal as I don’t have a specific outcome but it is something I would like to work on throughout the year.

2 – Decorate my house
The boyfriend and I bought our first home this year and after six months a total of two rooms have been decorated. Kind of. The paint work still needs to be finished in our kitchen and a few pieces of furniture are needed for our living room. However, we still have a total of 7 rooms to decorate.

3 – Live healthier
I say this every year and for the first 6 months I seem to do pretty well. Until summer hits and instead of all the salad I want just barbecues and all of the bread! My Dad changed his lifestyle this year and has done amazing so I plan to take a leaf out of his book and work hard. It’ll be worth it in the end! Hopefully.

What is a book you have had forever that you still need to read?

Testament of Youth, Vera Brittain
I saw the 2014 film adaptation of this movie a while ago and fell in love with the story.  A few months later whilst at a market I found a copy of the book for about £1.50. It has been on my bookshelf for forever. My work colleague has read it and she is constantly asking if I have read it and why. It is a long book and I think that is what is causing the avoidance. However, I do intend to ready this book before the end of winter.

What is one word that you are hoping 2018 will be?


Leave your comments and let me know what books you didn’t read this year that you will be making priority in 2018!

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I hope you all have a very happy new year.

Lucy xx

Review 9 ‘Confess’ Colleen Hoover

Hi guys!

It’s review time – Confess

I think this is the first review I have written when I don’t actually want to give anything away in case you haven’t read it. Seriously, if you love a new adult contemporary romance please read it! Here is a brief (Yes BRIEF) synopsis.

Confess is an upcoming art ‘studio’ owned by Owen Gentry. (I use the term studio loosely, it’s more of an apartment that holds an exhibit once a month where the public can purchase the exhibited art work). The business is aptly named due to the confessions posted through Owen’s door, he uses these secrets for inspiration and each piece of art is based on one a particular confession.

Auburn Reed is struggling through life after losing almost everything but she has a plan to get her life back on track and to get the things she has lost back. Stumbling upon Confess at Owen’s time of need he offers her a job to assist him during his show for a couple of hours. With nothing to lose and $200 in her pocket at the end of the night Auburn agrees to be his helper.

Throw in some instant attraction and addictive chemistry and we have the beginnings of the perfect relationship.  When obstacles are thrown at both Auburn and Owen, and secrets can no longer be kept we follow their journey as they overcome the challenges.

It’s passionate, addictive, heart-breaking and enthralling.

I loved this book! I love Colleen Hoover and this book does not disappoint. There is something about her writing that I just obsess over.

After reading the first few pages I was on the verge of tears and I knew I had fallen hook line and sinker for the story and the characters.  I was a goner and I just couldn’t put It down. It is safe to say I finished this book in several hours. Yes, some people might say it is too fast paced but sometimes you need a dose of insta-love and honestly even if it is fast paced there’s no lack of drama.  It’s cleverly written and you are taken on an emotional roller-coaster from the very beginning to the end.

Auburn and Owen are perfect for each other.  I was rooting for Auburn to get everything she wanted from the very beginning. She has gone through too much for any twenty one year old and her determination to get her life back on track is admirable. Owen. Oh I love Owen, even with all of his secrets. He puts everyone he loves before himself and he is so dreamy. Their relationship is perfect, you can feel the connection between the two of them from their first meeting and it is great to bare witness to their relationship from the very start.

The secrets that a revealed throughout this book drive you bonkers but they keep you enthralled in the story and you cannot put it down. Hoover has a great ability of releasing the perfect dosage of secrets at the ideal time. This keeps you hooked throughout the story. Both Auburn and Owen have experienced loss in the most tragic way and this definitely brings them closer. They have a connection that cannot be interrupted and this connection is strengthened as the story comes to an end. Everything just makes sense!

The confessions concept is great. I love it. It’s imaginative, unique and memorable. Strangers post a confession and it is turned into art work. Could you imagine the stories you could write from something like this? If this is a real thing and it happens somewhere in the world please tell me where. Not that I have much to confess but it’s equally as cool as the locks chained onto the fences in Amsterdam and Rome.

I really do love this story and I have been wondering since I finished it why it has taken me so damn long to read it.


4 stars

Memorable Quote:

Please don’t allow anyone to make you feel less than what you are.

Review 8 ‘The Valiant’ Lesley Livingstone

Hi Guys,


Review Time – The Valiant


Spoiler alert!

Fallon is the daughter of a Celtic king. She is a proud, strong and confident seventeen year old with a single dream of becoming a legendary warrior just like her late sister.

When Fallon was a young child Caesar’s armies invaded her homeland and her sister was killed in battle. Fallon was determined to follow in her sister’s footsteps to protect her land and die for her people if necessary.

She’s in love with her best friend Mael and they intend to marry when Fallon is given her warrior title.

With his own determination the King destroys Fallon’s dreams. He does not want lose his youngest daughter in battle too and he declares she will not follow her in her sister’s footsteps and become the warrior she so desires. During Fallon’s birthday celebrations the King’s wishes are shared and he announces that she is betrothed to Mael’s estranged brother Aeddan.

Devastated with this news Fallon runs from the lavish party with a plan forming in her mind. Mael follows and she shares her plan to run away with him to start a new life. With a determination for freedom Fallon readies to leave her life behind and runs off into the night.

Just as she leaves she stumbles upon Mael and his brother fighting over Fallon. To her dismay Mael is killed and she runs for her life, away from her betrothed, her father and her princess status. Shortly after fleaing Fallon is captured by slave traders and is sold to an elite training school for female gladiators. This particular school is owned by Caesar himself the very person who is to blame for her sister’s death.

Fallon not only has to overcome her hatred for Caesar to survive she also has to battle with fellow bitchy gladiators, survive deadly fights and training obstacles and keep grave secrets that could not only ruin her life but her fellow trainees.  This tale is jam packed with action, surprises and strong female characters.

I really enjoyed this book. There are some elements that I dislike but overall it is a good read. It’s addictive and I will definitely be picking up the upcoming sequel.

It was great to pick up a historical book that is based in an era that I know little about. And witnessing a new period in time from a strong female’s perspective was enthralling.  The only other gladiator story I have experienced is Ridley Scott’s 2000 blockbuster with Russell Crowe.

Fallon is the kind of person you would love to be friends with. She has an awful lot of admirable characteristics. Overall I loved her strength and determination to get what she wants.

The the love story between Cai and Fallon was a nice element. Cai, a Roman soldier is the type of person that Fallon would avoid falling for. I mean her strong dislike for Romans would ordinarily lead me to believe she would prefer him dead. But hey-ho. I do love a forbidden romance.  It did annoy me slightly that she got over her true love and best friend (Mael) quite fast but the love story wasn’t at the forefront of the novel. It was a nice to see it on the side line and to be reminded of it every now and then. During the next instalment(s) it would be great to see a little bit more of how this relationship would work and what they have to overcome to be together.

As I have stated, I really did enjoy this book. However, there were several instances that I thought it could be improved. One particular point that I thought could be better was how some parts of the tale were rushed. I believe that Livingstone didn’t go into enough detail throughout vital moments of the story. For example, when Fallon first runs away from home she was caught instantly. I feel like it would have been much more interesting if she has survived a little longer. Yes, she is a brave, strong independent character and all of this is portrayed throughout the rest of the book but this could have been demonstrated an awful lot more outside of fight scenes. We could have experienced her living in the wilderness for a little while before her capture. I believe this would have helped us get a deeper understanding of Fallon’s character.

I loved how the representation of strong women started from the very beginning of the book and the friendship between two strong female characters made this story better. Fallon and Elka’s relationship is great. It was so nice to experience a friendship where the two characters are so different yet they complement each other so well.

I recommend this book for anyone who loves an action packed read full of strong, inspiring female characters.


3.5 Stars


Memorable Quote:
There is only forward. Only tomorrow. No yesterday, no going back. And nothing of value is left behind, so nothing is truly lost.



Review 7 ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ Sarah J Maas

Hi guys,


Review time – A Court of Thorns and Roses, Sarah J Maas


Spoiler alert!


The hardest thing about writing about this book is that so much happens and there is too much to write about in a summary.  I don’t even think it is possible to make this brief.

A court of Thorns and Roses is a Beauty and the Beast retelling.  Feyra is a young woman with the whole world on her shoulders. Her family lost their fortune, and since her mother’s death she has taken it upon herself to look after her two sisters (Nesta and Elaine) and her father. As the bread winner of the family she provides them with meals as often as she can and after one extraordinarily lucky hunt Feyra returns home with a deer and a wolf. Not only will this feed them all for a while but it will also provide them with fur for clothing and extra money at market.

Unbeknown to Feyra the wolf she killed was a Fae. Now, the relationship between humans and fae is pretty much non existent. They hate each other!  Humans had once been slaves for the faerie race and for centuries they had both abided rules to ensure they lived in peace. Feyra killing the wolf broke the treaty between them and a beast like faerie soon went after Feyra demanding payment. She was given a choice; she could either pay with her life or she was to return to Prythian with the beast to live out the rest of her days over the wall in the faerie realm.

Feyra chose the latter and the Beast, also know as Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court takes her away. She is surprised by the amount of freedom she is awarded by Tamlin when she arrives at the Spring Court, He provides her with anything she needs or wants and even ensures that her family are taken care of. As time passes Feyra begins to trust Tamlin more and more along with his friend Lucien.

One night, during the Fae’s solstice celebration Feyra is asked to stay locked in the estate. Well she’s not really asked it’s more of a demand but Feyra’s own curiosity gets the better of her and she wanders off to explore the activities. Whilst she is there she walks into trouble, literally. It’s like she is a magnet for it.  She is saved by a stranger named Rhysand. Rhysand like Tamlin is a high fae however, he has an alliance with the Queen which is deeply frowned upon. Escaping Rhysand’s clutches Lucien finds Feyra and before she gets into anymore trouble she is returned to the estate.

Tamiln and Feyra’s relationship grows following the solstice celebrations and it isn’t long after that Feyra’s life is once again put in jeopardy. Rhysand arrives at the Spring Court and whilst intimidating Tamlin and Lucien he finds Feyra. There is drama, a lot of testosterone and things spiral out of control once again. For her own protection she gives Rhysand a fake name thinking all will be well. Tamlin thinks otherwise and he sends Feyra back to the human realm.

Unhappy with Tamlin’s orders Feyra can’t just go back to living her life. She can’t settle and doesn’t fit in with her family anymore.  She believes Tamlin is in trouble and after realising she loves him she needs nothing more but to find her way back to him. She makes her way back to the Spring Court to find it abandoned and wrecked. One servant remains (Alis) and she explains that a curse has been placed on Tamlin. This was done by the Queen. Now Queen Amarantha has a strong hatred for humans and has had Tamlin cursed for 49 years after he refused to become her lover. The only way this curse could be broken was if he made a human fall in love with him and the human that falls in love with him must have killed a Fae out of hatred (the wolf remember). After failing to get Feyra to proclaim her feelings Tamlin has become a slave / prisoner of the Queen’s. (I use the terms loosely but it becomes clear something epic is going to have to happen to free him). The staff at the Spring Court were not allowed to explain this to Feyra while she was at the Spring Court and after this revelation a new wave of determination instills into Feyra as she sets out to save Tamlin from the Queen’s clutches.

(This is getting so long, if you’re still with it I applaud you!)

Feyra is soon captured  by the Queen and to save Tamlin, Feyra has to complete three ridiculously impossible tasks or answer a riddle. Unable to work out the answer of the riddle Feyra battles through each of the tasks. After the first task she is badly wounded and it soon turns infected. Rhysand (remember the High Fae with the alliance with the Queen, will turns out he’s her whore? (Is there even a word for a male whore?))  forces Feyra to make a deal with him, he will heal her and save her from dying from a fever but she is to spend a week of every month with him for the rest of her life. He tattoos her to mark their deal and has pleasure flaunting it in front of Tamlin while Feyra is held captive.

Feyra completes all three tasks to the Queens dismay and just when you think everything will all be well, the Queen turns even more psycho. She goes back on her word and murders Feyra in the most brutal way. On the brink of death Feyra solves the riddle and the Queen’s curse is broken. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to save Feyra. Amazingly there is one more twist in the tale as the High Fae’s come together and share their powers with her. This raises her from the dead but also turns her into a High Fae in the process.

The tale ends with Feyra dwelling on the choices she made in the Queen’s dungeons, in the arms of her true love and an eternity with him ahead of her.

Now there is so much missing from this summary, probably some vital parts but when it gets to over a thousand words on the word count  it’s like I have written one of my first year university assignments minus the conclusion. Too long!

Finally, my thoughts…

I went into this book knowing it had mixed reviews but after an awful reading slump it was great to find something new to read that had gained my attention. The amount of books I had picked up and put straight back down again after the first ten pages was increasing at a frustrating pace and it could not have arrived at a more perfect time. I had totally forgot this series existed and when looking into upcoming releases for 2017 I saw that the third instalment was due for release in May. I looked into the series and went ahead and bought the first two books. I’m kinda glad I did! Three cheers for this book that finally broke the reading slump!

I absolutely adored how this book was not a carbon copy of Beauty and the Beast. Sarah J Maas’ imagination is just incredible and this story proves just how much this genre and style of writing suits her. The connection between this tale and Beauty and the Beast was so loose it was great to experience it in a brand new way. It’s important to state that all the vital parts of the original tale were included and it was all incorporated into more mature and adult friendly story that held my attention from beginning to end. In a number of retellings I have read it’s been the exact same as the original tale, it has been just as childlike as the Disney version and I’ve been left unimpressed.  This was great!

There was a perfect amount of romance in this book and it did not overshadow the adventure and fantasy elements. The pace of the book was great and there were very few dull moments if any at all. Yes, I know people will disagree but psssh I don’t care. It was an addictive and emotional read all the way through and I really did love it!

I like Feyra as a protagonist, there were some instances throughout the book where she annoyed me but I soon got over them. She was strong, determined and fierce from the beginning. The life she was living pre Prythian was admirable, in particular her determination to survive and care for her family. Feyra was a lot more emotional than I expected her to be. I though this was a nice trait to include especially with a lot of the heroines we are getting in other books within this genre at the moment.

Now, Tamlin. Oh Tamlin.  He is a perfect blend of mystery, confidence and manliness. Well that is until the end when he is in the Queen’s clutches and then everything just changed and I was left disappointed and pissed at him. I just don’t get how he could sit there and watch the ‘love of his life’ go through so much shit without doing something about it. He could have at least tried. Yes, I know he’s stuck in an awful position with a psycho queen controlling him but it’s the love of his life.  Brownie points were lost! It felt as though Rhysand was more concerned about Feyra. I feel like we’re heading towards a love triangle.

I’ve heard that A Court of Mist and Fury is so much better than this instalment and if that is true I am definitely in for a treat. I’m so glad I gave into this series, I’m thankful it brought me out of the reading slump in and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book!


Memorable quote:

“Don’t feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy.”



3.5 stars