Blood Moon – Lucy Cuthew

Blood Moon: Cuthew, Lucy: BooksBook: Blood Moon
Lucy Cuthew
Young Adult
Release Date: 2nd July 2020
Pages: 416

My Rating: 3 Stars

Due to my recent ‘I don’t want to read phase’ I’ve had some trouble choosing what books I want to read. I decided when picking my next read I’d go in blind (again). I’d just walk up to my bookshelf and select a book. Amazingly, this worked and I have finished another book this week. That’s two since Monday. What is happening to me?

The chosen book was Blood Moon by Lucy Cuthew. I don’t even know why I bought this one. I was walking through Waterstones a few weeks ago as I had a gift card to use and this one ended up in my bag.

I did read the blurb before I started reading and initially thought this book was not for me. It is definitely not my usual cup of tea but once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I needed to know that everything would be ok in the end.

I have so much respect for Cuthew for writing this book and tackling to topics found throughout.  This is a powerful, memorable tale that explores themes such as family, relationships and friendship. However, there are two topics in particular that I really want to discuss.

As a person who was bullied throughout school I wish with all my heart that I had something like this to read when I was younger. It would have given me perspective and a deeper understanding of why I needed to speak up.

Growing up there were times when I didn’t realise I was being bullied. I know this might sound ridiculous to some and I don’t want to go into too much detail.  I had a group of friends (and I do use the term loosely) and their ‘pranks’ had a tendency of going too far which caused hurt and upset. As I got older I realised that their behaviour was not acceptable and I shouldn’t have just put up with it. I never said anything to anyone because they were my ‘friends’. Don’t get me wrong there were so many times when I knew I was being bullied too and I still didn’t speak up. I ended up with broken bones at one point and the person who did it got away with everything because I didn’t say anything.  If there was more literature out there that focused on this topic maybe it would give people the confidence to speak up. I wish I had the courage tell my mum what was happening instead of waiting until my third graduation day at the age of 25 when I finished my education. She couldn’t do anything then.

I’m going to keep this brief otherwise this blog post is going to get super long but the fact that Cuthew as positively promoted periods is amazing.  I am just ridiculously thankful that Cuthew embedded this topic throughout the story, it is done is such a brilliant, memorable way that people can learn from. It’s so great to read a book that helps normalise periods. I was lucky growing up my mum and I had a great relationship where I could talk and ask questions whenever I needed to and I quickly learnt that I had friends in a completely different position to me and I could never get my head around it. I think this is the reason I can be open and honest with people I was there to help my friends when I was younger. I was easier to talk to than their mum. Additionally, I watched my sister suffer from Endometriosis. She saw doctor after doctor and they all diagnosed her incorrectly. After years of suffering and being told so many different things one doctor asked to do some tests. She finally got her diagnosis and the treatment she needed. This would not have taken so long to diagnose if there was no stigma on periods and certain aspects regarding women’s health.

Thank you Cuthew for embedding this into Blood Moon!!

Was this book my favourite read of the year. No. Absolutely not. There were some things that I disliked. It’s written in verse and it can be stupidly off putting when you are jumping from page to page constantly. But it is an easy read with a very powerful message that I think so many young people could learn from.

Please read this book and share it with friends and family! It needs the hype.

Lucy xx