How do you pick what books to read?

How do you choose what books you want to read? Strangely, this is not a question I have asked myself before. However, with a recent book ban in place and a TBR bookcase that is way too full at the moment it’s something that’s popped into my mind. How did I pick all of these books to read? What drew me to them?

There are so many reasons to pick up a book and here are a few of the reasons how I choose the books I want to read.


I love a good recommendation. Whether this is from fellow bloggers or my family and friends. There is something about talking to others about their most recent reads especially when they are highly rated. I love when people are passionate about a book and they want to share it with others.

I do read a lot of recommendations from people who know and/or enjoy the same writing styles and genres as me.

The best thing about recommendations is that you don’t just have to wait for people to recommend books to you. You can recommend your favourite reads to others.  And it’s not just books that you love. Just because you have not enjoyed it doesn’t mean you don’t know someone who will. Why keep it to yourself when someone you know may love it ten times more than you?


Beautiful covers

I can be guilty of this every so often.

It is so much worse when I am in a bookstore compared to when I am online as when I buy books from the internet I tend to know which book(s) I am after. I can’t lie though. I do love a beautiful book cover. Sometimes there is nothing better than something new that looks amazing on my bookcases.

I can’t be the only person out there who has bought a book just because of the cover.

Thinking about it I did do this a lot more when I was younger but every so often it is a nice surprise opening a book and knowing nothing about it because you’ve bought it just for the cover.



This is currently the most common way I find books that I want to read. I am subscribed to quite a few Booktubers on Youtube and it is such a great way to find what books you want to read next.

Recommendations for Booktubers to follow are always welcome.

From book hauls to unhauls and book reviews to monthly wrap-ups I think it a great way to pick books that you want to read. It’s such a simple way to keep your ‘to be read’ list up to date too with both new and old releases. I have found some of my favourite books by watching Booktube channels. You Can find some proper hidden gems this way.

Blog Posts

Before I go to sleep I do tend to read though the days blog posts of those that I follow. Similar to Booktube channels I use blogs to see what book(s) I want to read. Book reviews are super great to help you pick. I do prefer posts that don’t go into too much detail about books as this stops the story from being ruined before it has been picked up. Why do people have to explain in detail what happens all the way through the book? There is literally no point in reading the book after reading a review like this. I’ve been guilty of this in the past and I have learnt my lesson. I’m getting a little of topic though.


I do not do this as much as I used to but every so often I fall down the Goodreads rabbit hole. When this occurs I read synopsis’ for books and see which ones I am interested in and which once I don’t fancy reading. I used to add them onto the Goodreads to read shelf. However, this was getting ridiculously long so I now add them into my bullet journal where I break them into categories. I know this may seem a little sad but I love nothing more that a journal and list. Maybe I will do a post about this another time.

What’s popular

I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I have picked up books just because they were popular in the blogging and Booktube community. By doing this I have DNFed so many books. Honestly, it is ridiculous. I don’t do this anymore because of it. Why should I have to pick up a book  just because everyone else has? Especially if I know I am not going to enjoy it. Things have completely changed with this now and I will not pick up a popular and hyped book if I have no interest in it. This has not only saves so much money but it has also saved my time and dedicated my reading time to books I know I will enjoy.


There are the many ways I select which books I want to read. How do you pick the books you want to read? Do you do anything different to me?


Lucy xx

6 thoughts on “How do you pick what books to read?

  1. christine @ lady gets lit says:

    The Goodreads rabbit hole gets me every time!!! Before I started blogging, that was my primary way of adding books to my TBR. Now, I rely much more on fellow bloggers. Although sometimes it seems like the same books are going around, there are a few bloggers that I trust implicitly // I know we have similar taste, so if they loved it then I will too.

    But yes, I think we’re all guilty of buying a book because it looks pretty 🙂

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  2. Stephanie says:

    My TBR list has been growing exponentially reading other people’s reviews. BUT, it has to be a book that truly calls to me for some reason. A good review can make me think, “Yeah, I’ll grab this if I see it at the library,” but a good review with a book that already hooks me for some reason (trope that I love, story that calls me to in some way) is what sends me slamming the Want to Read button on Goodreads.

    Two years ago, I decided to start reading down my enormous Goodreads TBR list and I did just that, but before that, I used to just wander the library and see what caught my fancy. I haven’t gone into the library without a list since like 2016! I sometimes miss that, because occasionally you can find such gems that way. 🙂

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    • lucymayyy says:

      I haven’t been to a library in so long. Before I went to university I was always in and out but once I moved away it stopped. I set up an account but I just felt like it was such a different atmosphere and it made me really uncomfortable. I don’t know why? 😩😩 xx

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      • Stephanie says:

        Some libraries are more pleasant to be in than others. If you’ve moved away from the last one, try again! I love hanging out at mine. 🙂

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  3. Fictionophile says:

    As of today, I have 191 book review commitments so my choice of reading is limited to that number (though there are hundreds more on my TBR).
    Which ones I choose each month are a mixture of the oldest titles on my list interspersed with ones that have recent publication dates. Luckily, I have enough that I can still mix up the genres so as to reduce the chances of genre fatigue.

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