Six For Sunday – An Ode to my Favourite Genre

Steph from A Little but a Lot  hosts a weekly prompt called Six for Sunday and this week’s topic is ‘An Ode to my Favourite Genre’.  

I don’t have a distinguishable favourite genre. When I pick up a book it always depends of my mood at that particular time. Of course there are a few genres that I am not a fan of but I don’t tend to read them.

However, there is always one genre that I can can go back to at any time. Especially when I’m stuck for something to read or I need something to help me out of a reading slump and that is contemporary literature.

Here are six reasons I love to read contemporary:

  1. The characters are relatable
    I have read so many contemporary books that have both helped me and taught me so much about the world and other societies around me.
    Contemporary books give you an insight of topical issues that you may not be aware of.  Personally, they have given me tips on how to deal with certain things that have affected me over the past few years. For example grief and anxiety.This leads me onto reason number 2.
  2. Contemporary novels deal with real life topics that some people may be uncomfortable talking about
    Like I have already said, contemporary literature tend to focus on topical issues that people face within society and/or in their personal lives. Topical subjects can be a hard thing to write about and I think it is really inspiring when authors tackle these subjects. From mental health and disabilities to race and sexuality I love how there are authors out there focusing on these areas. They are ultimately teaching people things they did not necessarily know about the topic that is being covered.Several years ago I was really struggling with my anxiety. After trying to speak to people about it I was ignored and fobbed off. It made to feel stupid and an outcast. I was made to feel like it was wrong to feel the way I did. I got the stereotypical comments when I spoke to people too. For example, “Well, you seem fine to me.” or “There is nothing wrong with you stop thinking about it, it’ll go away.”   I had no one to turn to and contemporary books helped me deal with my issues. They gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and my mental health.
  3. They can be super emotional
    Every so often I just need to have a good cry and contemporary books are good at brining out my emotional side.Of course they make me laugh they make me angry but they also make me happy. I do love a good emotional rollercoaster. You just get all the feels through a contemporary book.
  4. You watch the characters grow and l earn to understand themselves and the world they are in
    I know this is a popular happening in most genres and I think it is a super important thing in all books but there is something about it happening in contemporary. Especially when you watch them battle their demons, no matter what they are.
    Everyone knows I love a bit of romance and contemporary literature brings all the love dovey romance.  I love seeing relationships grow throughout books and contemporary is a great genre to watch relationships develop.
  6. They are easy to read
    Contemporary books tend to be easy reads…well at least some of the time. They are easy to fit into a busy working week which is great. I have read so many books that take up a lot of time and when you’re an adult a lot of the time you don’t have much free time to yourself. I need to allocate a lot of my time for work, chores and family/friends time. This genre is easy to fit into my busy schedule and it doesn’t feel like an effort when I’m reading.


What is your favourite genre and why?

Lucy xx


5 thoughts on “Six For Sunday – An Ode to my Favourite Genre

  1. Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea says:

    Great post! I’ve never really considered these points because I’ve always favored fantasy over everything else, but I see why so many people love it. I like fantasy because I like to be impressed by what author’s imaginations can create, like fictional world and magic systems. I also like more action in my books (like assassinations, battle scenes etc, I promise I’m okay), and that doesn’t really happen in contemporary, or if it does there’s no magic involved. That’s why I love fantasy, but I’m still trying to read more contemporary, especially Alice oseman books.


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