The Girl and Her Ren by Pepper WintersRomance Review

The Girl and Her Ten (The Ribbon Duet #2)
Pepper Winters
Adult / Romance / Dark Romance
Expected Release Date: 05 June 2018

My Rating:

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“What do you do when you write down all your secrets? No…that’s not enough. What do you do when you write down all your secrets and the one person who should never read them does?
I’ll tell you what you do.
You hope.”

Ren didn’t know the meaning of love until he took Della for his own.
To begin with he hated her, but as the months bled into years, he learned the opposite of hate, dedicating his life to giving her everything.
Every sacrifice, every gift, he gave wholeheartedly.
But then love turned to lust and ruined everything.

I was stupid to write my secrets down, but I’d been stupid before so it was nothing new.
I couldn’t blame him, hate him, fix him.
I tried to move on without him.
But no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to delete the secrets I’d written.
Until something happened.
Until he came back and read my stupid secrets.
And nothing was the same after that.



There are those books that you read where once they’re complete you can just put them to one side and carry on with your life. You can move onto the next book on your reading list and be carried away into a new world so easily that you forget the last book you read. But there’s a small percentage of books that once they’re completed they embed themselves into your mind, heart and soul. As soon as you have finished reading those last few words you realise that you can’t just put it behind you. You know that the story is going to be with you for weeks, months, even years to come.

Ren and Della’s story was just as compelling throughout The Girl and Her Ren as it was when we were first introduced to them in The Boy and His Ribbon. This unique story is both heart-warming and gut-wrenching at the same time and it will consume you.

I can assure you this book will stay with me for a very long time.

Pepper Winters has created a heartbreakingly beautiful tale that has blown me away. Her writing is captivating and stunning through this duet and I highly recommend it.

I just have one warning. Make sure you have a box of tissues and a bottle of wine to hand because you’re going to need them.

I was provided with an arc in exchange of an honest review!




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