Reading Slumps and life.

Hi Guys,

So I’ve had a particular busy few months which has caused my lack of posts. Hopefully as March approaches everything will now settle down and I’ll be able to dedicate more free time to my writing and reading.

The boyf and I have been going through a mortgage and I’ve got to tell you I didn’t think it would be this stressful. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster from the get go. We were given great news but that was short lived and that swiftly changed to bad news. Then that bad news had more bad news attached to it. Eventually we found a solutions and we are in a good position, come May the paperwork can be sent back off and we will have our beautiful house. If there is one thing I have learnt from this process is not to get my hopes up straight away. I mean I’m not solely to blame. Our offer was accepted and the bank approved the mortgage, when they retract their offer I was bound to be left disappointed but like I said, we found a resolution and the house we put an offer in is still going to be ours. Fingers crossed it will all be well from now on.

I visited home this month. It’s a rare occurrence and my favourite thing to do. I saw everyone and had a huge catch up. Obviously I was spoilt rotten. Endless amount of food was available without me having to actually cook and I drank so much it was like being a student again. The long weekend I spent at home  was as amazing as always. It weird to think that it was only last weekend, especially as this weekend I have spent my time off work sitting with my laptop, green tea and endless amounts of paracetamol and tissues. This cold  just needs to go away!

With everything that has been going on this past month or two I seem to have found myself in a reading slump. The worst reading slump I’ve been in for a while. My reading list is ridiculously long and I haven’t even started making a dent in it. Friends of mine who are into the ‘New Adult’ genre have been sending me books to read and I’ve been more into them than my list. I do love a good romance, especially if it is an easy read that has a predictable ending. Sadly, they haven’t helped with this issue.

Hopefully March will bring less stress, more free time and my reading slump will disappear. I really want to attack my current to read pile. Due to the slump I have decided to go with the flow this month. There will be no ‘to read list’ or  ‘to read post’, I think the best way to get through this is to pick up the book that takes my fancy on that particular day.  I do intend to stick to books that I have not read yet. There will definitely be no re-reads this month and I will try to not stray from my current list. Though it is pay day weekend I feel there may be new purchases to come.

As always I’m taking book recommendations. Especially if they are bound to get me out of this slump. Have you got a specific book that helped bring you out of a slump? Just let me know.


Lucy xx