Review 6 ‘Last Year’s Mistake’ Gina Ciocca

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Review time – Last Year’s Mistake, Gina Ciocca


Spoiler alert!


Her family moving away couldn’t have come at a better time for Kelsey, a new school, a new look and a new attitude to life was all it took to hide her past. That is until former best friend David appears back in her life during their senior year. This puts her new life in turmoil as secrets of her past life could ruin everything she has worked for. Last Year’s Mistake follows Kelsey journey as she rekindles her friendship with David and their misunderstandings are cleared up.

It’s a dramatic YA contemporary that I really did not enjoy. Usually if I dislike something I can rant about it for hours and I’m really going to have to reign it in a little.

I was quite looking forward to reading this book. As everyone knows I love a good cheesy romantic contemporary novel but I found this book to be predictable, annoying and boring. It was such a let down.

Neither of the characters know what they want which is extremely infuriating. I believe that the ending would have been better for them to both go their separate ways. To figure shit out instead of getting together for the hell of it which I think is what happened. They could not make their minds up about their feelings for so long and I personally believe that Ciocca rushed the ending a little by getting David and Kelsey together.

Kelsey and David’s friendship/relationship was irritating. The misunderstanding was ridiculous and was easily solved. I’m not going to lie I wouldn’t run away from something like that. I would have confronted him and found out the truth then and there. They were best friends it wouldn’t have been too hard to ask for an explanation and resolve the issue. But no! Kelsey runs away from the one person she is supposed to trust the most and then goes against everything she believed.

Urgh, the fact that Kelsey changes her self and becomes something she is totally against was not ok! I was definitely brought up to be myself and to never change for anyone else. If someone doesn’t like me then they aren’t worth it as my mum used to say to me. I hated how she thought she needed to change herself and becomes ‘popular’. It’s so stupidly annoying.

All the characters in the book are complete dicks and my opinion will not change.

It didn’t take me too long to complete this book and for that I’m glad as I was able to start something more interesting. Although I didn’t like it I did want to know what happened at the end so I kept at it. It’s a thing I do, I hate not completing a book. I think this has happened once and I’m still considering going back to finish it.


Memorable Quote:

Not happening!



I rate this book 2 stars.

The book does earn one good comment from me. The format of the book gets it an extra star. I did like how the past and present were alternated throughout the story.





Lucy xx




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