Review 4 ‘Passenger’ Alexandra Bracken

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Review time – Passenger, Alexandra Bracken


Spoiler alert!


So, I’m going to start with the briefest ‘Passenger’ sum up. Over the past few days I’ve tried so many times to write this without giving too much of the plot away for those who haven’t yet read this book. Finally, I came up with something.

Etta is a young violinist whose life is transformed when she learns of her ancestry. After a dramatic occurrence interrupted one of the biggest opportunities of her musical career Etta is thrust into a strange new world. Suddenly finding herself in the 1700s surrounded by a group of pirates was something she would have previously deemed impossible.

Nicolas is a young man who lives and breathes the sea. All he wants to do is to sail around the world and become captain of his very own ship. He spent much of his childhood battling racial discrimination before he escaped servitude and found himself at sea. It is there where Etta is forced into his life and he swiftly feels an unnatural need to protect her.

The Ironwood’s are the most prestigious and notorious time travellers. They rule over all others who have matching abilities. The head of the family Cyrus is searching for a valuable piece of treasure that he believes will bring him more power. This was once stolen and he is convinced that is the only person who can find it for him is Etta.

Together Etta and Nicolas embark on a journey through numerous centuries in search of the valuable treasure. Etta is determined to stop the Ironwood’s from gaining more power and causing catastrophic consequences while Nicolas has intentions of his own.

‘Passenger’ is one of my favourite reads this year! I was so excited when I heard about this book and I couldn’t wait to read it. There is nothing better than something that combines my two passions, reading and history. The Outlander series is one of my all-time favourites and I could not wait to tuck into another time travel series, especially one that written for YA readers.

Now for me the story started off quite slow but once it got going I was hooked. This seems to be the case for many people who have already completed the book. Sadly, there were other instances throughout the novel where the story started to drag a little. I did notice on several occasions that my mind was wandering. There I was creating birthday present lists.  However, when you take into consideration the amount of information that needs to be included within this first instalment I can completely understandable. I am hoping now that this information has been provided the second instalment will bombarded me with more romance, action and drama.

Everyone knows I love a dual narration within a book, as long as it is done well I don’t have a problem. Bracken alternated between Etta and Nicolas perfectly. The third person narrative used within the book was a welcome surprise. I’m so used to first person narrative when I read dual narration books that I really enjoyed the change. Both sides of the story were compelling and overall it was great to experience both perspectives during their journey.

So, I absolutely adore how all the female characters throughout this book are strong and independent individuals, especially Etta and Sophia (a young relation of Cyrus). Now I know that Sophia isn’t the most loveable character but you have to give it to her she demonstrates all the attributes previously stated, you can’t deny it. The use of strong females throughout this book makes the story even more compelling.

The ending! My God the ending! It left me reeling. I mean what a cliffhanger. I’m torn between being pissed that it ended that way or being grateful that it has kept me hooked . I have to say I’m glad I don’t have too long for the second instalment.


Memorable Quote(s):

‘It’s our choices that matter in the end. Not wishes, not words, not promises’

And soppy me wanted me to add:

‘It matters not who you love, but only the quality of such a love. A flower is no less beautiful because it does not bloom in the expected form. Because it lasts an hour, and not days.’



I rate this book 4.5 stars.


Lucy xx



One thought on “Review 4 ‘Passenger’ Alexandra Bracken

  1. emilymbird says:

    Great review! I’ve read a lot of criticisms that this book is very slow. It’s interesting that while you saw that at times, it didn’t hurt your overall feelings of the book. It makes me more interested in reading it! I think sometimes books need to be a little slow to fully develop the story 🙂

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