Review 2 – ‘Red Queen’ Victoria Aveyard

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Review time – Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard.


Spoiler Alert


Red Queen takes you on a journey in a new world where the colour of your blood determines your position within society. You have the silver bloods who are the elite. They are the upper class who rule the world and have wealth and super powers. (Some can control elements such as water and the earth, others can read minds. Overall there are some pretty impressive skills amongst the God like individuals). The red bloods are normal people like you and I. However, they live in poverty and have very little opportunity to achieve anything. They are controlled by the silver bloods and are forced live in run down slums and are treated as slaves. The tale follows the life of a red blooded pick pocket called Mare. She’s spent all of her life knowing she’s going to be conscripted and sent to fight on the front line of war when she turns eighteen. One day Mare goes against all odds and demonstrates super human abilities that she shouldn’t have. As this is witnessed by the silver elite and she is imprisoned in a new world where she is expected to marry and follow an elaborate scheme where her true identity cannot be revealed. With an upcoming rebellion putting the silver elites control in jeopardy we witness a ruthless and dangerous fight for change.

I really liked this book! It reminded me of The Hunger Games and The Divergent series’. I saw many mixed reviews before reading this book and so many people were stating how they didn’t like it because it was too similar to other stories. However, I enjoyed it. I wasn’t put off by the comments and quiet liked the familiarity.

I can’t lie and say I got into the book straight away, it started off slow and took a couple of chapters to get into it. But my gosh when I did I couldn’t put it down.

I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon and mention the betrayal in this book. It was these moments that made it for me. I loved the twist! The emotions that I felt when particular things occurred made me do a Joey. (YES! It’s a Friends reference. Remember when Joey got upset when he read Little Women he put the book in the freezer? Well I have those moments too. I don’t really have enough room in the freezer for a book but my bedside table draw is a great alternative. If a book pisses me off, upsets me, scares me, even makes me angry away it will go). It’s been a long time since a character has made me so angry I had to hide the book. I just couldn’t get over the betrayal straight away. There is nothing better when you read a book and something unexpected and shocking happens. I take my hat off to Victoria Aveyard for including this twist, it was a great move and I didn’t see it coming. Maybe I’m too trusting as well?

Mare her self irritated me slightly at particular points of the book. Yes, she had the wit and the sharp tongue but I don’t think she is a fearless as I would have liked her to be. I have yet to read the second book and I’m sincerely hoping that some changes have been made to her character and she’s more ‘badass’.

The love story in this novel makes for an interesting conversation. Many people in the reviews I saw were classing it as a love triangle but I don’t think you can call it that. It is evident that there is only one person Mare has feelings for and it’s not her husband to be. I don’t believe she ever liked him in that way. Yes, she became close to him and there is a very trusting relationship between the two of them but it’s definitely not love.

I really did enjoy this book and I cannot wait to read the second instalment of the series.

Memorable Quote: ‘The truth doesn’t matter. It only matters what the people believe.’  (Quite a relevant quote in todays society I think. It just stuck with me).

I give this book 4 stars.




Lucy xx


2 thoughts on “Review 2 – ‘Red Queen’ Victoria Aveyard

  1. Cova M. Lee says:

    Nice review and nice blog! I really enjoyed this book too 🙂 *SPOILER ALERT* however, I did take it as a love triangle -I was really confused about her feelings for the two boys. I think she doesn’t stop loving Cal throughout the book, but she kind of starts liking Maven as well?


    • lucymayyy says:

      Thank you! For your lovely comment and checking out my blog in the first place. It means a lot.

      I think she had feeling for him, but they were platonic. I’ve just finished the second book and my opinion is still the same I think. I just can’t wait for the next one now. Not long to go!!


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