Is it just me?

Hi guys,

So as of late I have had to commute to work by train. Usually, I would moan about having to get out of bed earlier than normal, especially with the dark, cold mornings that we’ve been experiencing lately. However, the opportunity to read for at least an extra hour and a half a day makes catching the train totally acceptable. That and the Starbucks I can pick up as I leave the train station. (Red cup season is the best! I love my eggnog lattes.)

Today I started my commute to work with a new book. It’s a book that has been recommended to me by a friend. She adores the story so much she wrote her undergrad dissertation on it.

I have always believed that starting a new book is a magical experience. Being swept away on a new adventure with enthralling characters is one of the reasons I love reading so much, and it is those first few chapters that help a person invest themselves into the story.

Every so often, instances arise where I start a new book and I find it extremely difficult to get into the story. I won’t be able to relate to the characters or I won’t be able to concentrate on the new journey that the author is taking us on. Sadly, when this happens, I find that my mind wanders and I begin to think about real life problems. For example, I create a weekend to do list that is as long as my arm and all the jobs need completing before I return to work the following Monday. This also helps me avoid picking the book back up.

It is these occurrences that stir up sever feelings of guilt. I feel guilty towards both the person who has recommended the book to me and the author for not experiencing their adventure the way they wanted. Most often than not, I will attempt to complete the book. However, while attempting to read the new book today I came to the conclusion that I’m really going to struggle completing this story.

It has been a while since I have been in this situation. I believe the last time I felt I was unable to complete a book was during my master’s degree. I was studying James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ and the book was placed on my bookshelf as soon as I had completed the assignment. I’m pretty sure I chose a topic to discuss that would allow me to stop reading the book three quarters of the way through. (I regret nothing; my brain shuts of completely when Joyce’s work is thrust in my direction).

Today, on my journey home from work, while I attempted to read the novel my mind drifted to me creating this post. I began to think of how guilty I feel when I cannot complete a book. So, I was wondering how many others experience the same feelings.

Do you feel guilty if you cannot totally invest yourself into a new story? Do your feelings strengthen if it has been recommended to you by a close friend who loves the story? Do you experience any other emotions if you are unable to complete a book?

I’m super intrigued!

Let me know how you feel in this situation.


Lucy xx



3 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Shannon Noel Brady says:

    Opening up to that first page is so exciting! It’s my favorite feeling. It’s like the blossoming of a new romance.

    Such a bummer when the story disappoints, though. I’ve become more tolerant of giving up on books, as my to-read pile is already crazy big, so why waste time on a bad book when there are tons of better ones waiting for me.

    If a friend recommended it to me though? Yeah, I can understand feeling guilty about that. Fortunately I haven’t had to experience that. If I did, I think I would try to find SOMETHING I liked about it and focus on that. But then again, sometimes great discussions are born from differing opinions!

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    • lucymayyy says:

      I don’t know why I find it so hard to just put a book down if I don’t like it. The only book I’ve willingly placed back onto my bookshelf unfinished is Ulysses. I completed my university assignment using only the first half of the book to support my points. Surprisingly my lecturer didn’t notice. My MA group were forced into a Ulysses module and each and every one of us still have a strong dislike for James Joyce’s work. That is definitely a rant for another day.

      Maybe I need a new attitude? From now on if I’m not enjoying a book I will go and find something new to read from my to read pile.

      After my first attempt at sharing my opinions of the book to my friend I gave up trying. It was quite sad really. She was definitely in a defending mood. I don’t think my opinion was appreciated and I haven’t brought it up since. Next time I see her a feel as though there will be a huge debate about it. Hopefully she’s not too offended and she’ll remember everyone is entitled to their personal opinion.


  2. Betty says:

    I feel guilty about it when the book is something I requested from Netgalley, or when I’ve accepted a review request from an author. I feel obligated to read and review them, so I try to keep reading, hoping my interest will increase. When I just can’t do it, I let the author or publisher know it wasn’t a good fit for me.

    It makes me feel bad, but there’s no point in making myself read a book when I’m not enjoying it. I did that when I was younger, but my feeling now is that life is too short to read books that bore me.

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